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Don't worry, your skepticism is to be expected.
After all, most people suffering from obesity see significant fat loss as a hopeless prospect without having to do extreme, expensive and sometimes dangerous procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, stomach stapling, I can even remember my sister having her jaws wired shut so she could not eat certain foods.
And the crazy part is, this superior fat loss secret was discovered in the early nineteen fifties and provided hope to people who wanted to reach their normal body weight without having to starve themselves or resort to risky life threatening surgical procedures that have an 80% failure rate.
This treatment for obesity is a revolutionary clinical approach to releasing tons of unwanted abnormal body fat.
And here's the best part...
It's easy and fat loss is essentially guaranteed. This treatment that I'll refer to as the pregnancy hormone diet, treats obesity as a bodily disorder. And like any disorder, it must be understood before you can permanently fix the problem.


Misty After

Understanding why you're fat...

Research discovered three types of body fat - they are not all equal or play the same role within the body.

1. Structural fat
2. Normal fat
3. Abnormal fat

Structural fat, is the fat tissue that encompasses around your organs, and the bottom of your feet. It protects the from a shock and impact.

Normal fat, is stored for energy and nutrients and released when your caloric intake from food is not readily available.

Abnormal fat, is the ugly fat tissue stuck in places of the body that make you feel unattractive, bloated, and swollen. It never seems to go away no matter how much you diet or exercise.

You see, in the research I discovered, obesity was described as a disease with specific symptoms and is caused by an imbalance in the metabolism.

If you have abnormal fat stores traditional advice from most fitness experts is that you must eat less and exercise more to get rid of this excess unattractive body fat.

But if you're anything like me, you've tried this approach a million times and have finally come to the conclusion the diet and exercise alone do not work.

For a normal healthy person with healthy metabolism, the excess fat on the body is able to be metabolized with diet and exercise.


For people like you and me, who's metabolism has been knocked off balance your ugly unwanted body fat is NOT able to be metabolized by the body.

Hence it never seems to go away permanently.

There's a reason that every time you lose weight, it always seems to find you. No matter where you go or what you do...

This is the simple truth why you can exercise all you want and the fat never seems to go away.

How many time have you seen people who compete in marathons who are remarkable still fat after running mile after mile day after day.

They are not able to correct this fundamental imbalance therefore the abnormal fat stay right where its been. Sitting around you belly like a spare tire.

Or on your hips, thighs and butt dragging you down and holding you back from being who you really are.

Let's face it...

Every time you decide to go on a diet, this is what's really happening. Your body burns up precious lean muscle tissue in an effort to get rid of the active tissue responsible for consuming your necessary daily dietary calories.

Your body then burns structural body fat needed to keep your organs safe and body healthy.

Therefore what happens when you eat to few calories like on a traditional low calorie diet. Or burning to many calories because of long drawn our exercise sessions. The fat your body access first for fuel, is not the abnormal fat stores you're trying to so desperately lose.

This becomes very noticeable as your joints swell, and the bottom of your feet begin to hurt.

By introducing a tiny amount of this all natural peptide made into the body. It instantly begins to help your metabolism access your abnormal body fat through a process this isn't well understood.

But, has been proven 100% of the time to effectively mobilize abnormal fat so it can be access as fuel.

This all-natural peptide is a hormone naturally produced the pituitary gland of both men and woman of all ages. It appears to work miraculously on these abnormal fat stores literally melting away up to 2 pounds per day of pure unwanted body fat.

If you are ready to lose weight once and for all
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Here's the (Scientific) Case...

In order to allow your body to begin to burn your abnormal body fat, and empty your unwanted fat stores, you must lower your daily caloric intake sufficiently to trigger this response.

If not, any extra calories consumed while this process is in place will be stored converted back into fat and the fat loss process stops.

Because most trainers and fitness experts know little about this newly introduced scientific approach to fat loss; like many things in life what we don't understand we disregard it as untrue.

Those who have followed my approach they feel no hunger or fatigue during the low-calorie phase.

This is because the abnormal fat stores are being released into the body the calories proteins and nutrients from the mobilized fat stores are being as fuel.

Since a 1lbs of fat is = to 3500 dietary calories, as you burn .5 to 2Lbs a day of body fat, an extra 1500 to 7000 calories are entering your body as your abnormal fat is being used as your main fuel source.

Can you see how this is different than anything you've ever tried in the past?

Can you see why this approach would get you the results you've been looking for, for years?

There is ZERO evidence that using a small dose of this special peptide is neither dangerous nor risky yet the diet and weight loss industry doesn't want you to know anything about it.

If you've tried every other conventional fat loss system, and it failed to work for you like me and millions of other people, then maybe you should consider this scientific approach to curing your obesity problem once and for all.


Here's What My Clients Are Saying

"I’m really grateful to Colin for bringing up such an effective diet plan that really put you back in shape. It’s very simple and easy to follow and I’m quite enjoying my new appearance. Thanks buddy!"

Brenda King

Chicago IL

"I couldn’t believe that I have been able to make the transformation. I must say Collin has been really helpful to me all through. I recommend this diet plan to all."

Jessica Hardy

"Don’t have words to really explain the excellent benefits of HCG diet plan. Having it for quite some time and the change is awesome! You can try it too!"

Rubel Hossain

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After Breaking My Back In 2018

I had to start from scratch and this transformation journey lead me to the NPC Men Physique competition stage.

And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?

Colin was not always in the health and fitness coaching arena. Unlike Jayne, Colin spent the previous 25 years as a Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Broker.

Jayne, on the other hand, was a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise, and Spinn Instructor for over 13 years. During the collapse of the real estate market, Colin gained more than 50 pounds of fat. This added weight brought with it, a bout with depression, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Frustrated and desperate to lose the weight and regain our health, they decided to try one more diet…

They stumbled across a fat loss secret that had been kept hidden for more than 60 years To our complete shock, Colin lost 46 pounds of fat in 43 days, and Jayne lost 22lbs in 30 days.

Colin was able to not only stabilized his blood sugar and blood pressure, his sleep apnea and type II diabetes disorders inproved dramatically.  Jayne was lean fit and had achieved her lowest percentage of body fat ever.

Together, they decided to experiment with the original meal plan. We added new micro nutrient-rich recipes and including (HIIT) high-intensity interval training workouts. The revised meal plans and workouts produced amazing results.

Our bodies were completely chiseled back to something that we had not seen in more than twenty plus years. Astonished by these results, we began sharing our success with anyone who asked, then on YouTube and our blog. Quickly the phone began to ring, and we were getting hundreds of emails from strangers asking for your help.

We put everything we discovered into a revolutionary step-by-step system called Burn The Fat Reveal The Muscle.

You have a 96.6% chance of success with our plan. We guarantee your success because we have done it, and we have successfully coached more than 8,000 people to do the same. There are no other people on the planet that knows more about using this specialized method for dramatic weight  loss results.

If you’re serious about regaining your health, having a lean sexy body at any age, then you should consider learning more about our new Burn The Fat Reveal Muscle fat loss plan.

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